Friday, June 18, 2021

Put out there what you want.

So it has been almost a year since my first blog post, and now here is my second. A few years ago, a good friend of mine made it clear to me that I needed to put out into the world what it is that I wanted to see become manifested. I want to be clear that essentially the 'Beaver Pond' community is just an idea and a blog where my intention is to put out into the world what it is that I want to see and hopefully connect with other like-minded individuals. So this blog is for that, a space for me to interweave my community experience, along with other learnings, my personal philosophy, worldview and my desire to participate in the growth of cooperative culture in order to help shift western culture with community as the tool.

Also, as far as my posting on the website goes, I felt that in order to have interested people read my blog I needed to post there, and because there is no category for people like me to sprout ideas I had to embellish in order to create my listing on their website. So I apologize to anyone that feels like they were mislead by my listing. I assure you though, that this is not an intellectual exercise. I have been committed to and will remain committed to the building of intentional communities and more specifically ecovillages in Southern Ontario.

As someone reading this blog, I invite you to reach out to me and I am happy to talk about community. If it works out we can cooperate and collaborate and not only work towards building a community but building communities along with a network of communities and other cooperative initiatives, projects and businesses that can evolve to be a movement, a movement that transforms the human relationship with the rest of the biosphere.

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